Tenant Rates & Information

If you are interested in becoming a tenant please fill out our Tenant Application and submit it to the marina office to sign up for our waiting list. 
All tenants must have current proof of insurance and keep a valid credit card on file with the marina office. Long term rates require a contract and must be paid prior to arrival. If you need help computing fees please contact us.

Tenant Wait List Application
2018 Tenant Slip Fees
2018 Dockage Contract
2018 DiMillo’s Marina Tenant Parking Contract

Summer Dockage

(May 1st – October 15th)

$125/ft – 20’ LOA and Under (No Power, Limited Availability)
$140/ft – 35’ Minimum LOA (Basic Rate)
$145/ft – 40’ Minimum LOA (Minimum for A1, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2)
$150/ft – 45’ Minimum LOA (Minimum for A9-14, W4-13)
$160/ft – 55’ Minimum LOA (Minimum for W1-3, W14-19)

Year-Round Dockage

(May 1st – April 30th)

$170/ft – 35’ Minimum LOA (Basic Rate)
$175/ft – 40’ Minimum LOA
$180/ft – 45’ Minimum LOA
$190/ft – 55’ Minimum LOA

Additional charge for dinghies $50/ft. All dinghies 10’ or larger OR any dinghy that does not fit in the assigned boat owner’s slip will be charged this rate.
Payment due in FULL February 15th. 

Amenities & Dockside Utilities

  • Gated Facility with 24/7 access to private heads and on-site or serviced laundry.
  • Electricity – One 30amp connection is included in the Slip Fee.
    Vessels requiring an additional 30amp or a single 50amp cord must pay a $250 Surcharge per contract.
  • Cable Television – Basic cable through channel 70 is included in the Slip Fee. Additional cable services may be ordered from Spectrum Cable directly.
  • Fresh Water – Accessible at each slip May 1 to November 1st. No additional charge.
  • Sewer – Pumpout available at Fuel Dock, 24/7 (token operated May 1st – Nov 1st). $5 tokens are available the marina store or fuel office.
  • Internet – Wireless Connectivity available anywhere on the property. No additional charge. 
  • Vehicle ParkingOne parking card comes with the slip. Additional parking cards can be purchased directly through the parking company. Please see Unified Parking at the gatehouse for additional cards, information and pricing.
  • FuelMaster Prokee – 10 cents off per gallon of fuel purchased on your key, 24/7 access, billed monthly on account.
  • House Charge (except beer/wine/tobacco).
  • 25% Discount on clothing in the DiMillo’s Marina Store.
  • 15% Discount on dockage at DiMillo’s Kennebunk Marina

Winter Rates (30’ minimum)

(October 15th – April 15th)

$80 per foot for the season; paid in full prior to arrival
*Long term rates require a contract, proof of insurance and a current credit card on file.

    • Electricity – Metered and charged per kilowatt hour, billed monthly. All tenants must have a card on file.
    • Water – No charge. Service is shut off on November 1st. After that date you may choose to run an underwater hose and hook into the system set up by the live-aboard tenants for the winter.
    • Departure – Winter storage ends on April 15th. Vessels remaining in the marina will be charged per foot per day, depending on the size. In order to ensure proper billing, the marina office must be notified at the time of departure.

Clean Marina Program

Maine Clean Boatyards & MarinasDiMillo’s Old Port Marina is proud to be a member of the Clean Boatyards & Marinas Program. Please adhere to our green initiatives and follow the following guidelines.

  • It is against the law to dispose of any hazardous materials in the water. Hazardous materials include, but are not limited to: Gasoline, diesel, motor oil, hydraulic fluid, fuel & oil filters, sanding dust, paint, varnish, sealers, sewage, batteries, lacquer thinner, acetone & mineral spirits.
  • All hazardous spills must be reported. Responsible parties must notify the marina and will be held accountable for any fines and resulting fees from labor or supplies for clean-up.
  • All contractors must check-in with the marina office and sign a pledge to adhere to Clean Marina’s guidelines. Contractors are also required to show proof of insurance prior to work on our property.


DiMillo’s has provided single-sort recycling adjacent to the dumpster facilities. Please see the marina office for a complete list of options. There are dumpster facilities for your remaining debris inside the fenced area along Long Wharf. Disposal for used waste oil is available for $5/gallon, please see the service department for inspection and access.